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Friday, October 14, 2011

FF: Incomplete Life ....Chapter 23 Preview [1/19/13]

Chapter 21 A:

By their family pundit's consult, Ranveer and Rano's engagement became set to happen in the following two weeks and four weeks afterward their marriage would take place. The next available auspicious date would be in a year. As Rano's university holidays were approaching, it was decided that now was the best time to have a wedding. To say that the lovebirds were overjoyed would be an understatement. They were practically over the moon.
News about the possible proposal of Ranveer and Rano put forth by Jai and Bani surprised the Walia family as the thought wouldn't have ever occurred to them in a million years. They gave their consent, however, when realizing that Ranveer is old enough and Rano would be a lovely addition to their family as another daughter-in-law. Bani took it upon herself to inform her parents, who had to be coaxed and reasoned into agreeing to the proposal. Nishikant and Kiran Dixit could not fathom that their youngest daughter wanted to marry, that too, so suddenly. They made their own arrangements to have their presence made for their daughter's engagement.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Bani sits in front of her dresser mirror placing bangles on her right wrist and chattering nine to dozen about anything that comes to mind to her husband, who busies himself in getting ready for work. Ever since the fixed engagement, his wife always has something to say.
"Mummyji has left the floral arrangements to me… I have gone ahead and ordered peonies, dahlias, and sweet peas… Do you think that will be okay? … Or should I have ordered something else? Oh, didn't Jigyasa Didi mention that Ranveer hated some specific flower? … I can't remember it… I think she had said something like---."
"Kya bakkar bakkar kharti rehti ho… I can't understand any of it," Jai replies in a frustrated sigh, having enough with this wedding madness already. Everywhere he goes it is all that anyone is willing to talk about. Not that he isn't happy for the occasion, of course he is. His oldest nephew is going to be married, that too, to his sister-in-law. He just wishes the topic wouldn't be discussed at all times.
"I am speaking of your nephew and my sister's engagement that is three days away…," she stresses purposefully and watches through the mirror as he rolls his eyes in exasperation. She bites down a smile at his expense. She finds him rather cute appearing so annoyed, like a little boy who has been forced into dress shopping with his mother.
"How can I not know? This family refuses to let me forget… You are all tittering about it always…," he grudgingly responds, approaching her seated position, using the mirror in order to comb his hair. Bani looks up at his reflection, noting the scowl marring his handsome face.
"I do not see how you should be so annoyed since you are barely around to hear most of it anyway…," she jibes which her husband ignores. Slipping on her last bangle, Bani rises from the seat before the dresser and pushes her hair to one shoulder. She calls for her husband's attention.
"Sunno… tie my dori for me, will you?"
She indicates to the back of her blouse that remains slightly opened from the top half. Jai sets down the brush when perfecting his hair and follows her direction to the creamy expanse of her fair back. He steps directly behind her and sets to the task, taking the two strings into his hold and tying them together securely as she waits patiently for him to finish. He releases the strings, ready to retreat and locate his handkerchief, carrying on with his daily routine, till his fingers brush ever so gently against her skin. Stumped, Jai's fingers linger and he marvels at how unbelievably smooth her porcelain seeming skin is.
He slowly inches closer and is hit with the scent of jasmine wafting from her silky hair. Unconscious of his actions, his hand trails upward till it has a firm grip onto her shoulder. His other hand follows pursuit in sieging her left shoulder. His gaze flickers over to the slender column of her neck, exposed nakedly to his eyes that drink in the sight. He leans forward and places a soft kiss….followed by another as he leisurely makes his way along the path down to her shoulder.
"Jai, did you hear what I said?"
Jai is broken out of the strong reverie that had captivated him unexpectedly.
"Ma and Papa are arriving this afternoon… Aditya Jiju is taking me to receive them from the train station… You will come home on time to see them, won't you?" Bani questions hopefully.
Jai takes a good moment to collect himself and divert his focus onto his wife, who stands by his wardrobe closet withdrawing a white handkerchief from one of the many drawers inside. His head reels from what had gotten over him just a moment ago. He clears his throat, his voice coming out rusty.
"I will try…"
Bani smiles thankfully while handing him the handkerchief, which he takes rather jittery from her, stuffing it into his pant pocket. He avoids her bright eyes that stare at him so directly.
"Er… I am going downstairs to eat," he announces suddenly in a rough tone that catches his wife off guard and exits from the bedroom promptly, knowing that he just had to get out of there and away from her at all costs. He eventually forgot the imaginary incident by immersing himself into his work later on that day.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Ma… Papa!" she shouts from across a distance, standing on the balls of her feet and waving her right hand high into the air. She waits for the middle-aged couple to hear her cries and smiles sunnily as their attention directs onto her instead of their suitcases. She breaks out into a paced run, eager to meet with them while they descend from the train and step onto the platform.
Various emotions consume Bani whilst surpassing the crowd to get to her parents, whom she had last seen the day after her marriage over two years ago. Responsibilities as a wife, mother, and daughter-in-law and schooling kept her grounded in Mumbai, unable to pay visits to Mount Abu to see her mother and father whenever she could.  For the past years they made use of phone calls only. She yearned to be held in her mother's embrace, to receive her father's affectionate kisses, and to immerse herself in their presence. But now she has that chance.
"Bani," her mother nearly weeps at the sight of her daughter, who has matured significantly over the past couple of years. Long gone is the care-free spirited teenage girl replaced by a poised young woman.
"Mama," Bani addresses respectfully, tears lining in her eyes as she smiles radiantly. She astounds her mother by reaching down to receive her blessings. The Bani that Kiran Dixit remembered would have squealed and jumped onto her mother, creating a big public display. It is clear that things have now changed. Overcoming her shock, she smiles gingerly while blessing her affectionately before pulling her into her arms, wanting the satisfaction of having her daughter with her once again.
Bani blinks back tears, not wanting to appear as an emotional fool in front of her parents, determined in showing them that she has grown over the years and that she is not the same childish girl they gave away.
"How was your trip?" she inquires politely when retreating from her mother's arms. Kiran cups her daughter's cheek fondly, her eyes greedily drinking in her daughter's appearance.
"It was well, beta… Now that I have seen you… all my troubles are forgotten," her mother replies warmly, referring to the long excruciating travel, furthering Bani's already formed smile.  
Her gaze trails toward her father, who emerges into view behind her mother, and she beams in delight. She immediately goes toward him, greeting him, and taking his blessings as well.
"Papa, how are you?" Bani chirps in contained excitement, taking her father aback as he too like his wife was used to their daughter's overly animated affection in the past. He, however, smiles widely while stopping her from touching his feet and draws her into a bear hug then kissing the top of her head.
"Forget about us, beta, how are you?! You have seemed to change so much…both appearance and behavior. My old Bani would have caused a scene right here in public by now with your screams…," he jokes making both Kiran and Bani giggle whilst briefly reminiscing the past.
"Papa… that was back then… I am not that little girl anymore… ," she informs dually, bringing about pleased smiles onto both her parent's faces as they note this fact as well. Nishikant Dixit places a hand onto her hair.
"That is clear for both your mother and I to see….," he states.
"Come Mama and Papa… Aditya Jiju is waiting outside in the car since we could not find parking…. We should not make him wait for too long… We will talk inside the car….Come," she urges, helping her father in carrying the luggage and conversing easily with her parents on the way to the car.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Dixits became well re-acquainted with the Walias over lunch, catching up one another with each other's lives, and discuss fervently about the upcoming wedding. Towards the evening, Bani continued to spend quality time with the adults of her entire family gathered in the living room, watching Yash play happily with his grandparents and showering in their endless affection.
"Arre, Yash has become so naughty…," Kiran comments on one of the toddler's usual antics as he dodges having to drink his glass of milk served by his fussing mother.
"Kiran ji… this is nothing new. This is how our Yash baba is…," Krishna laughs mirthfully.
"He has gone after his mother…. Even Bani used to be this naughty as a child… I am sure Yash has learned this from her," Nishikant adds in good humor, earning laughter from all around as they agree to the fact. Whereas Yash seems confused by what is being discussed, Bani grimaces at her father for disclosing this information to her in-laws.
"Papa… I was not so bad… Besides, I do not teach any of this to my son… I do not know where he gets all this naughtiness…"
"He must have gotten it from Jai. .. Remember Ma, even Jai used to behave like this when he was little… to this day he still does not drink milk unless he has to," Jigyasa brings forth, recollecting from her brother's childhood. Krishna perks up on this reminder.
"Yes… Jai would behave the same way as Yash… I too would have to chase him around the house just to drink even an ounce of milk… He was very naughty, often made things difficult for me… Unless his father scolded him, he would continue with his ways," Krishna discusses amusingly, reflecting over how similar both son and father are when regarding their behavior. She does not have the slightest doubt that Yash will grow up to be like Jai.
"Speaking of damad ji... Will he be arriving soon?" Kiran asks politely, as she has met each member of the family with the exception of her daughter's husband.
"He will be coming soon… The hospital keeps him so busy, his schedule is never the same…," Jigyasa explains to which Kiran and Nishikant nod understandingly.
"Don't worry Kiran ji, Jai will surely come… Bani had told him after all to be on time… Else she will definitely scold him for coming late," Aditya adds his two cents in. "Haina, Bani?"
"Jiju," Bani pleads, blushing as her parents' raise their eyebrows on hearing this. The Walias laugh when also adding that Bani routinely is found to be scolding Jai for his working schedule.
"It had been Krishna who would fuss over Jai Puttar… now it is our Bani who has taken up that responsibility," Dadi chimes, making Bani more and more embarrassed with the attention centered on her and her husband for discussion.
"She will not scold me this time because I have not come late…," they all hear Jai's voice from behind and look to see him approaching them in the living room, having just come from work. He places his briefcase off to the side before going to his in-laws and taking their blessings from them.
"Jeete raho, beta," Kiran blesses fondly when placing her hand on the top of his hand. Jai Walia stares at his father-in-law and mother-in-law with the utmost respect that he felt they deserved especially after his indifferent behavior with them for the past couple of years.
"Aapka safaar kaisa tha Mama… Papa?"
"It was just fine Jai …. Come, sit please…," Nishikant directs to the seat opposite from him which Jai takes. On seeing his father, Yash forgoes his grandparents and jumps onto his lap instead arousing smiles from everyone.
"I will just go and have Dinner prepared now that you have come home, Jai… Jigyasa," Krishna addresses her daughter, who follows after her into the kitchen to assist allowing Bani to be with her parents.
"How is work, beta?" Nishikant inquires, wanting to strike conversation with his estranged son-in-law, knowing that they hadn't left off on good terms. They have not been able to re-establish the good relationship they seemed to share when Ananya was still alive.
"It is good… It keeps me very busy, though…," Jai answers vaguely, not providing any more information than he already has disclosed. Bani directs a glance at her husband, knowing very well that he usually wishes to not speak about the heavy workload at the hospital and instead unwind at home.
"You look very tired… I hope you are taking care of yourself," Kiran pipes in worriedly, evoking a small smile from her son-in-law for her concern. Before he can answer, his wife speaks up on his behalf.
"Of course not Mama… He is a doctor so he thinks that nothing affects him… I cannot tell you how many times he has gone skipping meals…not taking medicine….not sleeping enough. He does not listen," Bani complains.
Jai flashes an exasperated look for this. "Banee…"
Nishikant laughs at the exchange between his daughter and son-in-law. "No worries, son… Kiran does the same ….She is always nagging after me as well."
"Arre… I am your wife… Who else will take care of you if I don't?" she questions lightly. "Waise, Bani has the right to scold Jai beta… She is his wife after all…," she defends her daughter, who smiles for the support.  
After some light conversation, the four of them are interrupted by Krishna who announces that dinner is ready to be served and to join her and the rest of the family at the dining table. While Krishna takes Nishikant and Kiran along, Jai, Bani, and Yash linger behind.
"What is this? Yash has not finished his milk again?" Jai questions, indicating to the filled glass resting on the tabletop beside him.
"I have been trying to get him to drink milk for the past hour… but your son will not listen," Bani explains defeated, tired of having to deal with the ordeal of getting their son to obey. Yash ignores his mother's comment while playing with the toy ship his grandparents gave him quietly to himself.
"Yash… Drink your milk… Do not give Mama a hard time," Jai warns, drawing his son's attention onto him.
"Papa, it's yucky… I no drink it."
"It is good for you, son… It will help with your bones and make you grow….," he advises, hoping that this information will make him want to drink it.
"Nooooo, papa pweeaze!"
"Yash, be a good boy and listen."
"Papa… you drink… I drink…," Yash instead suggests, much to his parents' amusement, particularly Jai's.
"Now beta… How will that make you want to drink it?" Jai puts across, not conceding to his son's words.
"Pweeaaazzz Papa! You drink… I drink…. I pomise!"
"Yashh--…," Jai begins in saying sternly till interrupted.
Jai looks toward to his wife, who looks at him beseechingly, pleading to him to comply and do what their son says. They have a silent battle through their eye lock, his wife begging and Jai not complying. He refrains from sighing exasperatedly. With how his wife silently begs him, he cannot refuse her any longer. Caving, Jai gazes at the glass of milk in his hand with clear disdain. After a long hesitant moment and casting a weary look in his wife's direction, he raises the glass to his lips and takes a good gulp from his most detested drink since childhood. He guises his actual reaction and instead claims how delicious the milk is, bringing a pleased smile to Bani's lips. Yash is motivated by his father to drink it and obediently takes the glass from his father.
Jai swallowed the liquid with much difficulty and has every mind to go rinse his mouth out. He watches his son drink the milk obediently and notes how clever he has gotten. The boy has caught on to his father's dislike. Jai wonders what more this boy will put him through over the years if he continues to get cleverer.
On hearing his wife's sudden giggling, Jai looks to her with question and glowers when seeing her laughing at his expense. He is annoyed as it is that she made him drink the milk and now she is poking fun about it.
"What are you laughing at?" he almost snaps. She clasps a hand over her grinning mouth, trying to conceal her laughter, knowing that her husband isn't too happy with her at the moment for having to concede to her request.
Jai's annoyance dies down quickly when reluctantly admitting to himself that he cannot ever be angry with Bani, particularly now as she appears exceptionally lovely with her bright smile and twinkling eyes. He watches as she bites down on her bottom lip for a moment before directing a finger at him.
"You have… a milk mustache….," she explains sweetly, the curves of her lips twitching into another beautiful smile.
Jai, now realizing why his wife had been so amused, becomes self-conscious on how he appears and immediately lifts his hand to wipe away the remaining residue of the liquid till Bani stops him.
Halting his hand midway he looks on as she takes a grip onto the pallu of her cotton teal saree and approaches him. She lifts the pallu to his upper lip and gently dabs the milk residue away in the meantime chuckling at the cute sight he made with the mustache.
"All gone," she declares brightly. Jai remains transfixed by her smile and watches silently as she ushers Yash to go to the dining table along with her. She chirps for Jai to freshen himself and join them at dinner as well. Jai watches her go longingly, his chest swelling with a certain emotion he was not willing to put a name to….not yet at least.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Rano ki baachi… Why did you not tell your father and me that you wanted to marry Ranveer? Why did your Bani Di have to call us on your behalf, hm?" their mother questioned in the privacy of Rano's bedroom after dinner. Whereas Rano is tongue tied and too embarrassed to answer her mother's demands, Bani steps in to defend her baby sister.
"Ma… so what, I am her older sister… I have the right, don't I? And now please you too do not harass Rano, poor girl has gotten enough teasing from this family as it is along with Ranveer…"
"Bani, Ma hoon main uski… mujhe bhi haaq hai…," Kiran explains affectionately to her daughter, whom Kiran has found since coming to Mumbai that she can no longer scold as she respects Bani too much to do so. A daughter who without any complaints followed her parents' wish to marry her dead sister's husband and be the mother to her child at such a young age deserves insurmountable respect in return. Kiran Dixit will forever be in debt and awe of her daughter, who has handled all her responsibilities gracefully and properly.
Bani remains quiet, realizing that her mother is right, and watches in amusement as Kiran light-heartedly harasses Rano further wanting to know the reason why such a bright child is in such a rush to get married all of a sudden. It took Bani's clarification that their mother is only joking to cheer up a dismayed Rano.
The mother-daughters trio chatted endlessly about the engagement arrangements and the upcoming wedding as well as teasing Rano in the midst of it all till Kiran grew emotional on having both daughters with her once again. Only she knew how much she pined for both her daughters, how their absences haunted her, and how she constantly reminisced about the past where they were a happy family of five: a father and mother with their three beautiful daughters that brought immense happiness into their home.
Bani, who hugs Rano whilst singing wedding tunes to embarrass the blushing bride-to-be, is the first to notice the water sparkling in her mother's dark brown eyes.
"Arre, Ma, kya hua?"
Rano seems concerned as well since Kiran looks to them with tears brimming in her eyes.
"…. I wish your Ananya Di was here with us…," Kiran speaks wistfully, bringing upon a prevailing silence that engulfs the three women in the room….
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"How have you been son?" his father-in-law asks in the solitude of the study, where both he and Jai have resorted to for a nightcap after dinner. After pouring his wife's father a drink, Jai sets to filling his own glass and lounges onto his desk chair, meeting Nishikant's pondering gaze. Staring into it, Jai is struck by the exact detail of his father-in-law's eyes matching his wife's honey brown ones. This thought hadn't occurred to him till now.
"I have been fine, Papa," Jai answers politely, turning his attention instead onto his drink and swirling the contents inside around. He felt awkward around Nishikant. He hasn't spoken to his in-laws properly since the past couple of years. They had shared an amicable relationship which became shattered and left to shards from his first wife's death. He does not know how to begin in amending the relationship as doesn't Nishikant, who is making small attempts.
"That is good to hear… Kiran and I worry for you," Nishikant adds hesitantly. He sees how Jai looks up from his drink and to him instead. Slowly a small smile adorns his lips.
"There is no need, Papa… I am okay," Jai assures, wanting to relieve his father-in-law from any apprehensions he has about him. Nishikant nods his head understandingly.
"… And you and Bani? How… how are you two doing?" he questions further after taking a sip of his alcoholic beverage. Meeting his direct gaze once more, Jai understands his fatherly concern for both him and his daughter and does not blame him for it. He is a father after all. He has their best interest at heart, particularly for his daughter.
"We are good… She takes well care of me and our family…," he provides, watching the lines of worry gradually give away from the old man's face. He takes a sip of his own drink whereas Nishikant doesn't seem completely at ease just yet.
"Are you happy, son?"
Jai takes a brief moment to relish the taste of scotch trickling down his throat before responding.
"… Yes, I am," he replies genuinely as it is the truth. He has a family who loves and stands by him despite his past neglect, he has a son who idolizes him, and a wife who is brightening every aspect of his previously remorse existence. He does not want to ruin this feeling of content by questioning his relationship with his wife, wanting to keep things as it is, for now at least.
Nishikant visibly softens on hearing this statement.
"Are you done with your questionnaire, Papa?" Jai quips lightly back, attempting to lighten the mood between them. A smile uplifts his father-in-law's earlier troubled appearing face.
"Yes, I am sorry, beta… I wanted to settle my own concerns… We may have not spoken in some time, but I want to make it clear that I and your mother-in-law care very much about you… We think of you as the son we never had. So to hear that you are happy has relieved me… We want nothing else but for you and Bani to be happy," he ends warmly.
"… I am sorry, Papa, for the way I have behaved … It was selfish and wrong. I should not have stopped speaking to you and Ma… I realize now how much I have hurt the both of you," Jai apologizes sincerely, consumed in guilt the moment he met his in-laws after more than two years. He feels like an ass for breaking ties with the couple, who only ever cared for him. He did not think that his actions would cause them so much trouble and pain.
Nishikant smiles sadly at him, placing a firm hand onto one of Jai's broad shoulders, silently accepting the apology as he had forgiven his son-in-law long back.
"Ananya's death was not easy on you… We knew that well. … We just hoped that you would come around eventually… I see now that you are at a better place compared to then…," he notes openly, having observed this from Jai's comfortable interaction with Bani and Yash.
"Unlike Kiran, however, she still allows memories of Ananya to haunt her…," Nishikant confesses, arousing his son-in-law's attention to the approached topic of his mother-in-law.
"…. She refuses to forget her… continuing to live in the past. She puts up a brave front, though, not wanting to show her grief to anyone, not even her own husband… But it is evident how her heart has been broken…  She still grieves for Ananya as if it were just yesterday she passed away not more than three years ago…. I do not blame her though… as a parent, it is very hard to lose a child and come to terms of the loss...," he continues in a gentler tone, looking away, his honey eyes seeming distantly glazed.
"… Papa?"
Breaking into his daze, Jai watches when Nishikant's clear sadden eyes look to him hopelessly.
"How is it that you were finally able to move past the pain? … How do you get back the happiness you once lost, beta?"
Stumped, Jai does not know how to answer this one question of his father-in-law's. How does he tell him that he misses Ananya less and less that too because of Bani's warm presence in his life? Her support, concern, strength, and soothing nature slowly and progressively mending his broken heart that he felt could not be healed. Her radiant smiles, twinkling wide eyes, melodious voice, and sweet laughter replacing the hollowness that once occupied his hollow form, instead spreading warmth into each and every nook of his body. He is not able to explain even to himself—how does he tell Nishikant about his strong feelings for his daughter?
"Time and the love and support from your family… It heals all wounds," he finds himself saying to the distraught older man.  
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jai had been checking the messages and emails on his blackberry when his wife quietly slipped into their bedroom late into the night. He glances up at her, curious as to where she has been all this time since he had to put Yash to sleep because she was not around. He gives a side look to the clock beside him before redirecting his attention onto her.
"Where were you?" he asks casually.
He overlooks the forlorn expression written on her face and how she is startled by his question as if coming out of a daze.
"…. I was with Rano and Ma…," she answers softly. Jai nods his head understandingly and watches her walk into the bathroom, taking her nightdress with her. When she came out, he was still checking through his messages just before calling a night. She joins him at the bed, sitting on her side and gazing at his back on the other side of the mattress.
"…. Jai?"
"Hmm?" he inquires unmindfully, too distracted with reading one of his emails.
"Goodnight," she wishes after a pausing moment. She watches as her husband casts a look over his shoulder, sending a soft smile in her way. "Goodnight," he returns.
She gathers the comforter over her and places her head down, clutching tightly onto the pillow. She wanted to say something else, ask him questions… ask him if he too missed Ananya greatly to the extent her mother does to this day….if he wished she were alive…if he loved her so passionately still.
Her mother had become emotional, confessing that she still grieves for Ananya. Bani did not understand how to provide solace to her mother's broken heart. Of course Bani misses Ananya, but she could not offer anything to say as she hasn't thought about her deceased sister in a while. It was not a conscious thought to forget her, but it had happened on its own accord the past years…and she had done it by carrying on, not bothering to look back but forward as her mother-in-law advised earlier in her marriage. Does it make her a bad person by not remembering her sister at all times like her mother does? But above all, does it make her a bad person that she is content with her life despite her sister's absence from it? That she has finally moved on, getting her life together, and living it the best that she can? That she has found love in her husband and son who originally were not hers?
She convinces herself that she is not. She is a human being who is only living and there is no crime in that. She has put the past behind her, instead, treasuring her present and looking forward to the future. She only hopes the same for her mother, who has continuously lived in the past.
As for Jai, she wishes with all her heart that he too will live for the future…their future…after having accepted her truly, mind, body, and soul, as his wife….
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Chapter 21 B:

The next few days went by in a hazy blur in which Bani was kept on her toes, running all around the mansion to assist in the preparations for the engagement alongside Krishna and Jigyasa who have assumed charge of the big event. She hardly got to spend any quality time with her parents as she was too caught up in the festivity of her sister's pending engagement. She just prayed for the occasion to go well so she can receive a peace of mind afterwards….
  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Bani, no," Jai huffs whilst rubbing a towel against his wet hair when his wife presents the cream colored sherwani with subtle, delicate golden designs embroidered into the fabric. She lowers the outfit in her hands, frowning at her husband.
"Why not? I specifically had this ordered for you," Bani informs sweetly, tenderly smoothing out the wrinkles of the kurta, and appreciating the handsome outfit she had chosen for her husband, whose face distorted into a look of disdain when his eyes fell onto it.
"I am not going to wear that," he states stubbornly. "I am just fine with any one of my suits," he justifies with a grimace.
"Jai, it is the engagement party…It will look nice if you wear something traditional," she insists with an encouraging smile, pushing the outfit into his direction. Jai brushes it aside, refusing to even touch it.
"I am not the damn groom, Bani… No one will care about what I am wearing… This is something that Ranveer should be wearing, not me," he persists haughtily. Bani gives a roll of her honey brown eyes by his difficult stubbornness.
"Jai, it will not kill you to wear it… Besides, you should look good… You are the groom's Mamaji, you are an important person as well," she points out, stating whatever reasons in order to have him cave into her demand. He does not listen to anything that she has to say. In the midst of their small bickering, they do not realize the arrival of Krishna at their open doorway. She peers in curiously and is surprised in seeing husband and wife tussling with one another.
"Arre, why are you two quarreling?" she inquires in confusion, never having seen either of them behave in this way before. The married couple direct their attention onto Krishna, Jai scowling and Bani sulking.
"Mummyji, please you tell him how good he will look when wearing this sherwani… I am tired of having to explain to him," Bani remarks, sending a glare in her husband's direction. "I have even gotten Yash the same matching outfit… They will look so cute together," she adds gleefully much to Jai's bewilderment.
"You got Yash a matching one?" he bellows disbelievingly, ensuing another argument with his wife right before Krishna, who steps in as a peacemaker, pushing husband and wife away from each other.
"Alright, let me see this sherwani…," Krishna commands and obediently her daughter-in-law shows the outfit in her possession. Her mother-in-law takes the kurta in her hands, feeling the creamy texture of it with her fingers, and admires it openly.
"Hai… this is so handsome… Jai beta, why will you not wear it?"
"That is what I am asking, Mummyji," Bani exclaims exasperatedly.
The next five minutes are spent with both his mother and wife fussing over him, eating his head, convincing him to wear the sherwani for the engagement tonight much to his utter irritation.  
"Oh ho, what is going on in here, huh?" Aditya quips from the doorway, having been passing by but stopping on hearing the commotion.
"Aditya Jiju… you tell me, how does this sherwani look?"
"Errr… it is nice I guess…but who is it for?"
"It is for Jai beta… He will look very smart and handsome, no?" Krishna pipes in.
Staring wide-eyed at the overly traditional wear and over to a glowering Jai, who looks murderous, Aditya throws back his head and cackles on the image of his friend wearing such an outfit as he is only seen in the most trendiest professional suits and nothing even remotely traditional.
"Yes, yes! Very smart and handsome indeed! Please do make him wear it for tonight! I will make sure that there is plenty of film in my camera in the meanwhile!" Aditya howls through his rumbling laughter, walking immediately away when Jai snaps at him.
"Get lost, Aditya!" he growls, getting even more frustrated on hearing his friend's distant sniggering.
"So it is final, you will wear this tonight, Jai," his mother announces, placing a victorious smile onto her daughter-in-law's face. Jai looks back and forth from his mother and wife, hating the situation that he is in.
"This is so bloody embarrassing!" he grumbles just before stalking off, heading downstairs for breakfast. Bani is about to call after him, feeling bad for spoiling his mood, when her mother-in-law stops her.
"Arre Bahu, do not worry. Your husband is always throwing tantrums now and then… He will get over it by this evening. I am glad you are making him dress traditionally. I cannot remember the last time I got him to do so. He is always wearing one of those boring suits instead, wanting to appear modernized and not stick to our roots," Krishna appraises this task of her daughter-in-law's, making Bani smile meekly in return. She still felt bad, though, she knows that Krishna is right. Jai will get over it soon enough. She wistfully envisions how strikingly handsome he will appear in the ensemble she has chosen especially for him.
"You have good taste, Bani beta… Our Jai will be looking very dashing," Krishna comments , causing Bani to blush in pleasure.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Towards the late afternoon, the women in the household began to fuss over Rano's appearance for her engagement, dissecting her chosen outfit, jewelry, shoes, makeup, hair, and more. Jigyasa stated her views here and there but was mostly preoccupied in helping her son get ready for the special occasion. Bani took sole charge of her sister's ensemble for one of the most important events in her life, wanting her to be beautiful on this day so her sister can look back to it fondly.
Kiran would intercede here and there with her own opinions, but mostly stood aside, allowing Bani to assume the role of Rano's older sister and make these decisions for her. It brought immense pleasure to her on seeing her daughters' interaction and Bani's focus invested toward her sister's happiness.
"Rano, do not wear glasses… At least not for tonight, please," Bani orders to her younger sister, fussing with what to do with her unmanageable hair that usually is kept in a tight ponytail.
"But Di, how am I supposed to see then?" Rano openly complains, not seeing sense in her sister's command.
"Don't you have contacts? Wear those instead so everyone can see my sister's lovely eyes that she always hides," Bani states sweetly, cupping her sister's cheek affectionately. Rano smiles at the comment, blushing.
"Yes, you are right Bani Mami. Rano is always wearing those atrocious things over her eyes," Anu chips in disdainfully with a crinkle of her nose. "She will look so pretty tonight without them on."
"Oye Anu Puttar, get into the habit of calling her Bhabhi…since tonight she will officially become into your sister-in-law, sunna?" Dadi remarks jovially, evoking a blush on Rano's cheeks and wide smiles from the women around.
"Loud and clear, Dadi," Anu cheekily replies. She nudges her friend, cum soon-to-be sister-in-law, teasingly and gives an intentional wink. "Kyon Bhabhi, do you mind?"
Flushing further, Rano shakes her head demurely, feeling extremely shy and embarrassed suddenly which is not the usual case for the headstrong girl.
"Oh ho Rano beta, if you will keep blushing now, I wonder what will be your state when it is your actual wedding, not engagement," Krishna teases lovingly, causing everyone to laugh at the bride-to-be's expense.
"I was just wondering the same Krishna ji… My Rano hardly ever blushes, but now it seems she can never stop," Kiran states observingly, including herself into the lively conversation occurring around her.
"Ma…," Rano pleads, yet still pink in the face. She has been suffering many leg-pulling from her mother and father, who are still finding it hard to digest that their youngest is in such a rush to marry, hence, wanting to tease her endlessly about it as it is not like her to act in such a way.
"Okay, so it is settled… you will not wear your glasses for the engagement. I have made it easier on your groom to stare endlessly into your eyes without any barriers," Bani winks suggestively, giggling and joining in the combined decision of the womenfolk to harass the bride till she cries mercy.
"But Didi, Ranveer says he likes my glasses," Rano informs dually, unmindful of what unconsciously slips from her mouth till all pairs of eyes look at her at once. She becomes tongue-tied by the attention and blushes uncontrollably when hearing their sniggering and laughter.
"Haiii, Bhabhi, so concerned about Bhaiya's likes, aren't you?" Anu chimes in a sing-song tone, proceeding in nudging Rano, who wants to crawl into a hole and die at this point.
Krishna and Kiran share a smile, silently observing together how in love the poor, helpless girl is. Dadi joins in on Anu's bantering, pulling Rano's legs left and right. Bani tries to control her bubbling laughter on seeing her sister's embarrassed state. She enjoys seeing this new side to Rano that she did not think could exist. But she decides to end her misery, realizing that she has gone through enough teasing to last a lifetime.
"Accha, no more… My poor Rano has gone through enough. Now no one will tease her till she is safely engaged," Bani announces, indirectly reprimanding the women for ganging up on Rano in this manner.
"Only till my engagement Didi?" Rano questions sadly, not wanting to endure anymore in the future and officially put an end to it. Bani smiles mischievously at her.
"Arre after engagement is when the actual fun comes in teasing you," Bani comments good-humoredly. Rano becomes crestfallen on hearing this, not wanting to go through more, and her older sister mollycoddles her, wanting to uplift her dampened spirits. In the middle of her mollycoddling, the rest of the women discuss what they will wear enthusiastically. Soon enough, time quickly goes by and Krishna instructs everyone to get dressed themselves as the event is quickly approaching.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After making sure that Rano was well prepared, Bani sets out to her bedroom to begin with her own preparations in getting ready. She opens the door and strides in noting that she thankfully has plenty of time to take a shower, get dressed, apply makeup, and do her hair just in time before the ceremony begins. She catches her husband's gallant figure in front of their dresser mirror, combing his hair in haste and dressed in a silk blue shirt paired with white dress pants. She stares at his back in confusion of his attire and of why he is dressed so early. He does not seem to have noticed that she is inside their room since he carries on with setting the comb down and hurriedly strapping on his new favorite watch gifted by Yash on his birthday.
"Jai, I placed your sherwani on the bed—why have you worn these clothes? Did you not see it?" she questions, drawing his attention onto her. He turns around to look at her with an inexplicable expression etched onto his face. She approaches the bed and takes a hold of the sherwani, presenting it to him.
"Here, there is still plenty of time—I had Tony iron it earlier—You can--..," she starts in saying only to be cut off by her husband's rumbling voice.
"Bani… I'm not dressed for the engagement, I've been called in to the hospital, they need me there now—they're short of a surgeon," he informs her with a grave look in her direction.
Bani becomes crestfallen on hearing this and lowers the sherwani in her hands in a defeated manner. 
"But… I thought you said you took the day off for the engagement," she gently protests, not understanding why he has to go in so suddenly especially since the ceremony is approaching.
"I did. But it doesn't always work like that, Bani… You know that…," he attempts in explaining.
She does know this. But she hates it. And she will hate him for leaving off and not attending her own sister's engagement as well as his nephew's. It is a special day for the family; he needs to be here for it. She joins him by the dresser, watching him resume in gathering his last minute things—handkerchief, wallet, and keys. She looks to him hopefully.
"Jai, can't you just get out of it this once? Is it really so important for you to go there? We have the engagement—you should be here," she tries to reason with him, hoping that he will listen this one time.
"Bani..," he breathes with a hint of exasperation. "I'm a doctor, I have no choice but to go…"
"Jai, please," she tries one last time, reaching out to him. He gazes back at her with an unyielding expression.  
"You promised that you'd get off for today…," she adds in, reminding him of the fact.
"I didn't make any such promise… I just said that I'd try," he chides.
She is speechless when realizing that he is right, he didn't make any promise. She had just assumed that he'd stay for their family. She becomes disheartened by this and after withdrawing her hand stubbornly turns her face to the side, refusing to look at him. Jai seeing this withholds the urge to crack a smile at her childish behavior.
"What, now you won't even speak to me?" he inquires.
Hearing no response and only her stubborn silence, Jai receives his answer clearly. His tongue pokes through his cheek, thoroughly amused by her. He finds her incredibly adorable at the moment despite how furious she is with him… her cheeks flushed and fierce eyes sparkling.
"Bani… has anyone ever told you how cute you look when you're angry?" 
This does the trick. She instantly looks at him, her warm honey brown eyes clashing with his dark gray ones. She flushes a darker shade of pink underneath his gaze and sheepishly moves away from him, trying to resume in her resolve of ignoring him. He follows behind her trail, taking a firm hold onto her elbow to keep her in place.
"Do not give me your silent treatment, I do not like it," he confesses to her. "You are always talking all the time now… I do not know how to deal with your silence."
She throws him a backward glance. "I do not talk all the time," she replies defensively, evoking a grin onto her husband's lips. Bani realizes her blunder. Giving a wriggle of her nose, showing her displeasure with him, she turns away again, walking to the wardrobe closet. He watches her hang the sherwani back into his wardrobe without so much of a glance in his way. She makes a movement to wander off till Jai grips onto her upper arm, holding her back, and turns her around to face him.
"Look, I will try to make it back on time for the ceremony, I promise… ," he says firmly, wanting to ease away her current anger.
She brushes off his hold on her and walks to their bedroom door. When opening it, she directs a final look to her husband, who looks on exasperatedly as she lifts her chin up and leaves.   
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She realized much later when watching the festivity on the dance floor that she behaved rather childishly and felt somewhat ashamed of herself. However, it does not ease away her previous resentment. Her husband should be here and it upsets her deeply that he is absent like always. Though he has come around, she is afraid he still does not hold onto the value of family. She is aware that he is a doctor and had taken an oath when entering into the profession, but she just wished that work did not take up every aspect of his life, that he could learn to balance both work and family—giving them his equal time.
The guests had arrived and everyone was having a lovely time, except for herself. She did what was asked of her—assist the bride-to-be, complete any remaining preparations, and chat up their guests. She, however, sulked silently to herself throughout it all—wishing that Jai was around. When the ring-exchange takes place and the atmosphere becomes even more jovial, her spirits went further downhill. But she places a brave smile and applauds the new couple who beam at everyone around them.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jai removed his mask and ripped of his gloves when exiting the operation theater. He washes his hands vigorously under warm soapy water and from his peripheral vision sees his companion join him at the sinks.
"You're a god damn natural Walia… I've got another surgery scheduled in 30; you want to scrub in by any chance? It'll be worth your time, man was shot seven times—two to the head—.." Mahesh begins in saying with the intention of roping his good friend in. Jai, however, simply sends him an appreciative glance whilst drawing his hands, clearly intrigued by the case.
"If it were anytime but today, Mahesh… I'm headed home, won't be in till late tomorrow," he replies, taking off his scrub cap and running his hand through his thick mass of hair.
"I'm just lucky the procedure didn't take longer than I had expected…," he continues saying more to himself than to Mahesh, who grimaces slightly at him with disappointment.
"Why such a rush to get home? I'd have thought being a married man, father, and belonging to a joint family it'd be an incentive for you to stay here as much as you can… Not that your family isn't wonderful, that is," he adds on a last note, correcting himself. Jai simply laughs and walks out with Mahesh into the hallways of the hospital with the intention of changing in the locker room just before leaving.
"False… It's an incentive for me to leave here earlier when I can… Especially when you have a wife like mine," he jokes, causing realization to dawn onto Mahesh who grins knowingly back at him.
"You've got yourself a hell of a woman, Walia, don't complain," Mahesh warns good-humoredly.
"I'm not… I'll see ya Mahesh," Jai bids farewell when approaching his destination, giving a simple nod in his friend's direction.
"Later Walia…," he hears just before the locker room door closes behind him….
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bani's mood turned even sourer when spotting Rohit and Alisha at the event, both dressed appropriately for the occasion and all smiles. They approached her with hugs and congratulatory wishes on behalf of her sister.
"It's bloody great—young love, it's wonderful I tell you, well—while it lasts," Rohit ends on a lower note. His wife nudges him, sending him a mean glare. "What is that supposed to mean? We got married young too, are you trying to imply something Rohit?" Alisha accuses, tickling Bani with some amusement as she witnesses Rohit's face twist in bewilderment when realizing his blunder.
"Darling, of course that's not what I meant!" he protests in exasperation. "We're one of the rare cases, you see—true love, sweetheart, true love," he emphasizes sweetly only leaving Alisha to grumble as a reaction.
"Bhaiya… I am so glad that you two could come… You did not have work then?" Bani asks feebly after a moment of hesitation. It bothers her that Rohit can manage to take off work to come but her own husband could not when he is especially needed.
"Ahh, me work when I have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and drink? How absurd! Of course I'd come to this! Plus, I get to see how beautiful my Bhabhi is looking tonight," he flirts harmlessly with a wink making Bani smile a little despite how she has been feeling lately.
"Rohit, you are just lucky that Jai is never around for the most part when you are harassing poor Bani all the time," Alisha reprimands with a shake of her head.
"Harass?" Rohit echoes in defense. "I could never harass her! I don't harass you, do I Bhabhi? Why, all I ever do is admire you!"
Alisha and Bani both share a look at this and together they break into laughter, having getting used to Rohit's dramatic behaviors and still loving him despite it.
"Bani, where is your little guy? I have been dying to see him, really, you and Jai need to come over more often with Yash, I love the company!" Alisha gushes to her. Bani smiles endearingly at her.
"I would love to… but with Jai's schedule, I can never be sure…," Bani responds with a hint of dejection. 
"Ah, speaking of which, where is that friend of mine?"
"At the hospital I'm assuming, judging by Bani's face… Oh you poor darling. I can relate. It really does suck being married to a doctor," Alisha chips in for Bani, who does not answer yet silently agrees to the statement.
"I don't see why you should complain… You women get all the benefits of our hard work," Rohit remarks unmindfully when taking a sip of his drink.
Alisha pinches him in his ribs, making him yelp from the pain of it. He sulks thereafter, putting his drink aside. "Kya yaar… I swear, I am the only man who is domestically abused by his wife."  Bani manages to crack a smile and even laugh somewhat from both Rohit and Alisha's antics, but mainly Rohit's, which places her in a better mood than before.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jai entered the Mansion from the backdoors, not wanting to gather any attention on him as he was not dressed for the occasion. He went to his bedroom undetected by anyone and set to take a quick shower. He thanked his luck that he made it back for the engagement party at a reasonable time, even though close to two hours of it has passed by. At least he did not miss the entire event altogether. When getting out of the shower with a towel wrapped lazily around his waist, he remembers the image of his wife's crestfallen face that did not leave him in peace this entire time. Bani has managed to have that effect on him now… to get into his head and mess up his insides.
When peering into his wardrobe, he frowns as his eyes sweep over the sherwani she hung earlier that day. He releases an annoyed sigh when admitting to himself that Bani will always have her way, whether he liked it or not. He has gotten used to her having her say. He smiles on the thought despite his current irritation. He reaches out to the apparel, removing it from the hanger….
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bani stood by her parents and son to the side of the dance floor, watching her family and friends dance with merry and celebrate over a new union. She had been chiding Yash for managing to get his sherwani dirty when Ranveer and Saahil rushed over and scooped their cousin into their arms to have him join in on the festive atmosphere. She admonished the boys to be careful and not be too rough with Yash, who was being swung around and thrown up in the air.
"Bani, he will be fine… Look, he is enjoying himself…," Kiran tells her, placing a gentle touch on her daughter's arm. Bani looks in her mother's way and grows silent instead, caving to her words. Kiran sweetly runs her hand over her hair, gazing at her with her usual motherly love.
"Bani, you enjoy yourself too… Everyone is having fun dancing…," she advises, having silently observed her daughter all night and her sullen face that she tried her best to hide. Bani gives her a meek smile.
"No, I am okay Ma… I am having fun with you and Papa.."
"Beta, you are young… what are you doing here with us elder folks?" her father questions with affection, urging her as well to join the celebrations.
Before she can ease off her parents' suggestion, her mother-in-law joins their side, looking radiant like never before. She was clearly pleased with the engagement, having a reason to spread happiness in their home.
"Arre Kiran ji… Nishikant ji… why are you two standing here by yourselves? Please join us… We are having so much fun, please…," she refers to the dance floor where the rest of their family members are. She refuses to hear any of their denials and blackmails her parents to dance as well. Bani attempts to distance herself but to no chance as Krishna takes a hold onto her wrist preventing her from doing so.
"Bahu, where are you going? You come as well…," she urges.
"Mummyji, I am fine here… Please you all carry on," Bani desperately tries to get herself out of this. She is not in the mood to dance.
"Don't be silly, Bani," Krishna simply says before leading her to the dance stage among the crowd presiding over it. Bani joins the rest of her family awkwardly who all encourage her to dance with them. She has no choice but to comply. Saahil is the first to approach her, taking her by the hands and twirling her around, wanting her to have fun like the rest of them. She allows herself to laugh a little at his playfulness after some time and go along with his movements. That is, till he turns her unexpectedly sending her flying in the other direction. She finds herself bumping straight into another figure and just as she is about to apologize profusely, she feels steady hands hold her by the hips and she looks up into dark gray eyes.
"Saahil…," his low voice grumbles as his eyes sweep over her head, his hands still holding her.
"Oops! Sorry Mami! Sorry Mamaji!" Saahil apologizes with a goofy smile before carrying on with his dancing with his fellow companions.
When his eyes meet hers again, she finds her voice again in order to speak.
"… Aap?"
His one eyebrow cocks up at her.
"Yes, me… Why do you look so surprised," he says with a hint of amusement in his voice. She does not register that unconsciously she draws closer to him, nearly clinging onto him as everyone else continue to frolic around them—cheering and whistling along with the beats of the blaring music.
"… I thought you were still at the hospital," her voice sounds almost accusatory and she bites down on her lip when he catches her tone. He, however, simply becomes even more amused by her. He shrugs his shoulders casually before answering her. "I promised you that I'd come back."
Their eyes remain locked and Bani observes him for a moment, trying to process the fact that he actually returned.
"Papa!" they hear their son screech out in joy drawing both their attention onto Yash, who is held up in Rohit's arms. He extends out his arms and Jai takes it as his cue to carry him.
"Hey, you made it! Join us!" Rohit beckons after Jai takes Yash from him. He nods over to the other side of the stage where a collective group of men dance with drunk merry. From the smell of his friend's breath, he can tell that he has been drinking for some time.
"Papa! Dance!" Yash urges, caught up in the whirlwind of excitement and celebrations. Jai prevents himself from openly grimacing over the idea, perhaps if he had a few drinks himself he'd consider it. He is too sober to deal with the likes of drunkards at the moment.
"Bani, you come as well! Come come, all three of you!" Rohit professes in his drunken state. Bani looks alarmed by this and crouches closer to Jai's side, shaking her head as an answer.
"Please Bhaiya, you go and enjoy… I am fine," she replies.
"We're good Rohit, I'll see you later at the bar I suppose," Jai remarks with a knowing look.
"You're damn right you'll see me there!" Rohit hoots before disappearing into the mass of the crowd.  
Yash latches himself onto his father and pleads with him to dance with him till the upbeat, fast-paced music transitions into a slow rhythmic song. Bani stands idly by watching the duo and observes Jai pull their son closer and whisper something into his ear moments before dropping him to his feet after giving a fleeting kiss on his head. Yash scurries off the dance floor and joins a group of children around his age whereas the rest of the people on the dance floor break into pairs of two to sway along with the slow song. Before Bani can even ask what just occurred in front of her, her husband distracts her.
"Do you want to dance with me or will you continue staring at me like this for the rest of the night?" his gruff voice breaks into her thoughts. She blushes underneath his penetrating gaze, caught off guard by his request, and shyly looks around them, realizing that they look odd just standing there. Staring back at him, she sheepishly nods her head, finding herself incredibly shy and awkward in his presence all of a sudden.
She stands still, not knowing what to do with herself until Jai comes closer, placing both hands firmly on her waist and drawing her in. Hesitantly, she brings out her own hands and rests them gently against his chest, her torso close enough to brush against his. She feels intimidated by his built structure towering over her and becomes fully aware of their height difference. Her eyes lift upward. He looks down at her, an indescribable look on his face. Lately, she has been having a hard time in deciphering her husband. She used to be able to pinpoint his expressions and emotions with a simple look, but nowadays that has been changing. Something has been changing with him and she can't figure it out.
She felt she knew what was occurring. That night did something to the both of them. Bani felt that Jai perhaps reciprocated her feelings. But as of late, she is not quite so sure anymore. She is perplexed and unsure of everything. She cannot get in his head no matter how hard she tries. What is this that's going on? Does it even have a name? What does Jai truly feel for her?
"… You're not still giving me the silent treatment, are you?" he speaks softly into her ear, guiding her with his movements to the music in ease. She follows in sync to his steps, allowing him to sway her along, and shakes away these muddled thoughts. She instead looks down at his chest, wanting herself to stop questioning everything and allow things to unfold by itself. Her gaze fixates onto his sherwani and she brushes the material gently with her fingers.
"… You told me you weren't going to wear this…," she says quietly to him.
"I changed my mind….," he breezily states.
"… Why?" she bursts out asking, not knowing why she wants to pursue this unimportant topic. He seems to think the same since he frowns slightly.
"I remember someone being really upset with me when I left… I thought the least I could do was make her happy and wear what she chose for me," he answers rather genuinely. She has the decency to appear shame-faced by his words and Jai realizes he has struck a nerve somewhere in her.
"… I am sorry about earlier… I was behaving childishly… I understand that you have to work," she fesses up after a silent moment passes by.
"So that's what's been eating you up… I was wondering what the matter was with you… I was thinking maybe I offended you by wearing the stole to this damn thing wrong… ," he says good-humoredly. Bani gives a weak smile, knowing that he is trying to poke fun at her and make her laugh like usual.
"… No… it is fine… You are handsome," she adds on a last note and later bites her tongue, regretting the slip up. She blushes, hoping that he doesn't take the compliment in a different way. The brief grin on his lips fades and the silence prevails over them once more. His eyes stare quietly at her in the meantime.
"You look beautiful tonight, Bani…," he murmurs in appreciation seconds later. And she does. She makes a bowling vision, dressed elegantly in a fitting teal saree that outlines her slim figure. Her hair is done in curls, her wide eyes traced with kohl, and the perfect amount of accessories paired with her outfit. In his biased opinion, she is the prettiest woman in the room—more beautiful even than the bride-to-be. The redness in her cheeks builds by his comment and she averts her gaze elsewhere.
She looks around them, watching couples dance in serene silence to the soft music. Ranveer and Rano appear content in each other's arms, not looking away from one another for a second. Aditya and Jigyasa dance not too far from them. Rohit and Alisha are close by as well. It is when she sees her parents dancing sweetly together that she smiles to herself. Her attention retracts back to her husband when hearing his deep voice.
"Bani listen…"
She can tell that he has become serious by how he stares intently at her with his eyes darkening; however, there is a certain softness present there.
"… My line of work… it can be infuriating at times… There are times when I am called in on my days off and there isn't anything I can do about it… I've got a responsibility to always respond regardless… I'm trying here… to balance both work and our family…. It's just not as easy as it seems…," he tells her in confidence.
Something inside of her stirs by his words and warmth seeps in. And strangely enough, hearing that brief explanation is enough to make her feel much better. The fact that he cares enough to even explain himself is plenty for her.
"It's quite a lot to put up with… I've realized that," he adds. 
Her sister also had to deal with Jai's absence, didn't she? Ananya too complained and whined to her how Jai would always be called into the hospital at the most inopportune times. How she rarely got her time with him….
"No, it's not… a lot to put up with, I mean," she clarifies. 
But at least Bani gets those times with him, no matter how short. No matter the fact that she has to share him with his work. The fact that she does get her time with the man she loves is worth cherishing.
Jai smiles faintly at her, appreciating that she has let go of her initial anger and choosing to understand. They slip into a comforting silence than earlier and resume in dancing to the softs beat on the dance floor with everyone else. Bani lifts her hands higher, letting them rest on his shoulders, easing into his hold around her.
".. What did you tell Yash?" she brings up, curious about the exchange between father and son. Yash was insistent on dancing with Jai. Her husband gives her a smile, the regular smile that appears whenever Yash is mentioned.
"I told him that I wanted to dance with his Momma first…and then later it would be his turn."
"And he listened to you just like that?" she questions skeptically, trying not to blush so much over the fact that Jai wanted to dance with her.
"He placed the condition that I had to take him to McDonalds afterwards…"
Bani laughs fully on hearing this while Jai simply shakes his head in wonder over his own son.
"That sounds more like your son…," she comments giggly.
"He's too smart for his own good Bani…."
"Well that's good… We should rejoice… We aren't raising an idiot…," she quips jokingly.
They engage into one of their routinely conversations about their son and his antics, talking fervently and laughing in between it all. Bani proceeds in swaying in his arms, treasuring the feeling of his hold around her. She continues to smile and cannot seem to stop.  It seems to be the same case with Jai, whose dark eyes shine at her with a particular gleam. The two are interrupted, however, when someone taps gently onto Jai's shoulder, causing him to look over it.
"Jai, you wouldn't mind if I had a dance with your lovely wife, would you?" Aditya questions with a kind smile aimed in Bani's way. Jai flashes Bani a look and sees her give an innocent shrug that he takes to understand that she does not mind and that it is up to him. He releases her and gives Aditya a simple nod.
"She's all yours. I will go meet the newly engaged couple in the meanwhile," he says before leaving his wife with his best friend and walking in the direction of the stage, where Ranveer and Rano now sit after having danced for some time. Bani watches him leave until Aditya steps into her view with his jocular smile. Whilst dancing with her brother-in-law she looks past his shoulder and quietly observes her husband with Rano and Ranveer, talking with them briefly before the couple reaches down to take his blessings. He stops them both and instead draws them into a hug. He says something more to them, ruffles Ranveer's hair fondly (evoking a grin from his nephew), and kisses Rano sweetly on her cheek who blushes sweetly as an aftermath of it.
"He seems to be finally coming around, doesn't he?..." she hears Aditya murmur to her, following her gaze over to her husband.
She meets his eyes and beams with pleasure when replying contently, "Yes…. He does."
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Note: Thank you all for the support and comments! Please do keep them coming! I'd like to address Ramz; don't worry, I'm the same way, very particular about ages. Bani is 22, nearing 23, and Rano is 20, nearing 21. They have a two year age difference. I realize that during some point of the story I changed up the age differences between the two. Hopefully you are not confused anymore. Ananya is 7 years elder to Bani and 9 to Rano. 

Please excuse me if this update is dreadful. I tried my very best. Leave comments! 

Chapter 22 A:

The evening went by in a fast blur and it grew too late into the night to carry on the festivities. Soon enough the guests left in groups and the family members retired to their separate bedrooms. Jai places a snoozing Yash onto the mattress while Bani walks to the wardrobe to take out her husband’s night clothes.

“What time do you have to go into work?” she questions him when handing over his apparel. He takes it from her after tucking Yash in and answers diffidently.

“Not so early… Perhaps early afternoon…”

She sits down onto the edge of the mattress next to her slumbering son and places a hand onto his thick head of dark hair.

“… Tonight went well, didn’t it? Ranveer and Rano seemed really happy…,” she says to him. She smiles at Yash who nestles closer to her.

“I don’t see why they shouldn’t be… they are getting what they want, after all…”
“Hmm…. The whole family has been so happy… I can’t remember the last time we all had so much fun like this…,” she comments more to herself than to Jai. Her husband throws her a backward glance.

“There are still many ceremonies to go through till the actual wedding… The madness isn’t anywhere near over,” he remarks, causing his wife to give him an admonishing look before caving into her bubbling laughter by the face he pulls at her. She briefly watches him disappear behind the washroom door before breaking out into a long yawn, her eyes growing heavy.

Jai exited from the bathroom with the discarded sherwani in his hands and dumps it carelessly off to the side. He reaches for his blackberry, looking through any last minute emails.

“Bani, will you set the alarm for six? I’m thinking of taking a run in the morning… I can’t remember the last time I did…,” Jai speaks unmindfully, browsing through his phone. As a long moment passes without any response, he looks up.


He places his phone onto the dresser beside him and draws close to the bed. He stares at his wife’s now sleeping form, still dressed in her saree and jewels, without the comforter on her or any pillow. She seems to be absorbed in a deep slumber and he doesn’t have the heart to wake her when realizing that she must have exhausted herself by having to prepare for the engagement the past couple of weeks. He smiles a little to himself from the sight she makes—collapsed on their bed. Yet, she looks so endearing and vulnerable. He approaches her and gently places her head onto a nearby pillow, then carefully covering her with the comforter she rests on.

Jai grimaces on the thought of her sleeping with her jewelry, it would surely be uncomfortable for her. He hesitates for a moment before taking the next decision of removing them for her. He is careful not to wake her, taking her hands and removing the bangles lightly. He unlatches the heavy necklace tied to her neck, setting it aside onto the nearby table along with the discarded bangles. As he contemplates whether to take out her earrings, her legs fidget a little in her sleep, drawing his attention to the tinkling of her payals clasped around her ankles. He is gentle when unclasping them, attentive to the noise the payals make, not wanting it to disturb her. He redirects his attention to her ears and slowly makes a movement to remove them.

With all jewelry gone, he is in relief for not having disturbed her in her peaceful sleeping. She sighs contently and eases herself more comfortably under the comforter, clutching onto her pillow. Looking at her, something overcomes him. He watches the rise and fall of her body for a moment before leaning in close. His lips press lightly onto her forehead, lingering for only a few seconds.

He grins when staring at how her nose scrunches up briefly before remaining absolutely still. With a mind of its own, his hand reaches her face, his thumb brushing softly against her smooth skin, drawing lazy circles on her cheek. He feels the sudden inexplicable need to touch her, share a closeness with her….

She breathes gently, hardly making any sound…. her pink lips parting slightly... his gaze flickers to there….

She looked so lovely tonight; he hardly kept his gaze off her. How is that he’s been blind to her beauty all this while? How he could possibly fail to notice her worth….  

He and she both have changed post their marriage. It is hard to imagine Bani as that fifteen year old girl who jumped around on the balls of her feet, eating chocolates all day. All he sees now is a poised, strong young woman who inspires him to be better and has become one of his biggest support system. She’s not that young girl anymore… instead, she has transformed into something else. …someone special…. His Bani.

Yes, it felt right. His Bani. His….

The trailing of his thumb comes to an end near the edge of her lips. He remembers the feel of her in his arms that night… her hands in his hair… her breasts crushed against his strong chest… the feel of her creamy legs on his rough hand…the satisfied sigh that reached his ears… her plum lips pressed on his….

“… --having to be married, move to a different city, …and raise a child all so sudden…a real pity…”

These creeping words that escape from the deepest dwellings of his mind wash over him like icy cold water, roughly shaking him out of the warmth that previously was blanketing him. He becomes still…

“… A  lot of responsibilities to take up, especially when you don’t want it…”  

His hand retracts as if physically burned by her face. Taking one last look at her, he distances himself away, his face marred by a grimace….

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bani woke up sometime around eight o’clock, wanting to sleep more as she was not fully rested, but knew she could not afford to. When rising out of bed, she sees that she did not bother to change out of her clothes and fell right away to sleep. She spots her jewelry resting on the tableside next to her and reassures herself that at least she wasn’t too tired to take off her jewelry beforehand. Otherwise, she would have ended up having a not so comfortable sleep.

Looking to her left, she finds that Yash is still fast asleep whereas Jai is absent from bed. Puzzled by this, she tries to remember whether he had work early today but recalls from last night that he said he would go in the afternoon. She supposes that he must be out on a run; the only other reason why he would bother waking up so early.

After getting showered and dressed, she attends to the puja room with her mother-in-law and sets to organizing breakfast with Tony. She then wakes her son and gets him freshened up for the new day, bringing him down to have Breakfast with the rest of the family members who have arrived at the table. Together they chat over the previous evening and tease the new couple mercilessly.

In the midst of all this teasing, Jai comes in from his run outside, dressed in his jogging clothes that are now drenched in sweat.

“Arre Jai beta, we all thought you left to work…,” Krishna comments when seeing her son present. Jai takes his forearm and swipes it across his damp forehead before taking his seat at the head of the table. Bani retreats into the kitchen to fetch him a glass of water.

“I’m not scheduled for anything till the afternoon… I thought I’d go for a run,” Jai answers.

“Ah, the only fit man left in our family,” Aditya pokes. “Don’t work out so much, Jai, you are making the rest of us men look bad. I have been trying to convince your sister that chubbier men are much more attractive nowadays,” he remarks in his usual jocular tone.

“Yes, and very unsuccessfully might I add,” Jigyasa chimes in, earning laughter from all around the table.

Bani returns to the dining area with a glass of water in hand, extending it out to Jai who takes it from her.

“Thanks,” he says seconds before downing the liquid down his parched throat. His gaze lingers on her, following her figure over to where she takes her seat beside her parents….

“Arre, Jai Puttar is still very young… of course he will be fit and strong,” Dadi chimes in.

“Ma, what are you saying? I am not young?” Aditya questions hurtfully.

“You are a full grown man with three adult children, one of which who has just gotten engaged… Do you really think you are young, Adi?” his wife remarks.

“Well I am young,” he declares. “I don’t know about you though Jigyasa…,” he comments cheekily, earning a murderous glare, punch in the ribs, and laughter all around from the exchange between husband and wife.

“The engagement was so lovely last night!” Krishna sighs openly in pleasure. “Our Rano was looking exceptionally pretty! Isn’t it Kiran ji?”

Kiran smiles from the compliment whereas Rano blushes red as a tomato, dreading whenever the conversation lands onto her or Ranveer. Bani nudges her baby sister, adding only more color onto her rosy cheeks.

“Ji… I cannot believe that she will be married into this house in no time… It makes her father and I sad to think that she will be leaving us so soon but happy that she will have a wonderful family for herself,” Kiran replies in her usual soft-spoken manner.

“No worries Kiran ji, we already treat Rano as our daughter… It is just an added bonus that my nalayak son wants to marry her… It makes things permanent,” Aditya jibes in, giving a thud on Ranveer’s back who looks back to his father with a mixture of annoyance and sheepishness.

“Who are you calling nalayak Adi? Talk about your other son, not about my poor Veer,” Jigyasa admonishes, reaching out to her eldest son and coddling him much to Ranveer’s further embarrassment. Rano giggles at her fiance’s strangled looking face.

“Ma!” Saahil exclaims, causing everyone at the table to laugh at how his own mother has called him out. And as a normal occurrence in the Walia household, the family is engaged into their usual banter with Kiran and Nishikant looking on with fond smiles at the love between the family members.

Jai takes a shower and begins in getting ready for work. Meanwhile, Bani starts on preparing everyone’s lunches just as they all near finishing their meals. As Bani hands over Ranveer and Saahil’s individual tiffins, lecturing Saahil on his health and insisting that he eat more homemade food rather than eat out, Krishna openly praises her daughter-in-law.

“Dekhiye Bhaisaab, meri bahu ko… kitana khyaal rakthi hai saab ki… I must have done something truly great in my last lifetime to have gotten such a lovely girl as my daughter….,” she speaks affectionately, placing a hand fondly on top of her daughter-in-law’s head. Bani looks to her mother-in-law, beaming at her.

“Mummyji… aap saab to mere aapne hai…. Khyaal to rakhongi…,” she answers demurely, bringing about a pleased smile on Krishna’s face. She kisses her sweetly on her head.
“Khush raho…,” she blesses.

“Yeh saab aapki wajah se hai Krishna ji… She has only learned her responsibilities through you… Kiran and I never imagined that our most mischievous child would become so mature and responsible..,” Nishikant compliments his in-law. Krishna simply smiles in return. Bani follows after her departing nephews out of the dining area, leaving behind the elders to continue talking amongst themselves.

“… I do not know what this family would do without her in these next few weeks… Saach Bhaisaab, if it were not for the wedding, we would not let you take her away from us…,” Krishna continues jokingly.

“Bani puttar to hai aisi…. This family cannot run without her,” Dadi chirps in agreement.

“Krishna ji… agar yeh baath hai to… Bani does not need to return with us… We understand that you have more right over her than us… If you feel---,” Kiran begins in saying only to be frantically interrupted by Krishna.

“Arre Kiran ji, nahi! Please do not mind what I have said… Main bhi nah… Kuch bhi bholte rehti hoon… Of course we do not mind it… She is your daughter after all… Who am I to stop her from going to her maayka? I was simply saying that since her marriage to Jai, she has been here with us… We have not experienced what it is like to be parted from her…”

Kiran smiles in understanding, looking to her husband, who wears visible pride whenever hearing praise about his daughter from her in-laws. Since their arrival, they have only heard and seen good things when regarding Bani. They do not have any worries concerning their eldest daughter the least bit. They know fully aware she can take care of herself and her family.

“Waise Nishikant ji, when is it that you are planning on taking my bahu with you?” Jigyasa questions kindly, engaging into the conversation flowing among the adults present at the table. Rano blushes from being addressed as “bahu” from her future mother-in-law, who hugs her sweetly when witnessing her sheepish state. Anu giggles loudly, finding whenever Rano blushes to be highly amusing.

“We will be leaving tomorrow morning… we have many preparations to take care of for the wedding…,” he answers politely. Jigyasa nods understandingly.

The elders continue to lounge in the dining area, discussing the wedding in great detail, what would be done from both the groom and bride’s sides, and how they would go about in doing them. Rano and Anu, the only youngsters left, slip away quietly to escape the elders’ talk.
After setting Ranveer and Saahil off with their lunches, Bani catches Aditya running down the long spiral case of stairs, having gone up to his room briefly, whistling a soft tune under his breath. She steps before him, presenting a puja ki thali with a knowing look on her face. Her brother-in-law stops in his fast pace, stepping off the last step.

“Jiju, today I will not let you leave anywhere till I place a tika on you…,” she states firmly, tickling Aditya with amusement from the determination on her face.

“Arre Bani, what is the need for this?” he attempts to protest.

“There is a need for it,” she stresses. “Jigyasa Didi has told me about the deal you have been working on and how this coming meeting today is important to finalize it… You should take God’s blessings with you … Then you will see how you will achieve what you want,” she advises, dipping her finger into the red power, ready to mark his forehead.

“Tum bhi nah, Bani… What is this charm you have that makes me unable to refuse you? Chalo, lagado tika…,” he concedes with a dramatic sigh, placing a victorious grin on Bani’s lips. She carefully presses her finger onto his forehead and beams at Aditya, who cannot help but smile back at her. She then proceeds in giving him prasad.

“I had Siddharth place your lunch in the car, please do not forget it and eat on time… You have low blood pressure, Jiju… No skipping meals… ,” she warns. Aditya grins at her and gives a playful nudge to her chin.

“What would I ever do without you? My own wife does not take enough care for me like you do, Bani,” he replies sweetly. Bani giggles whilst admonishing him. 

“Adi Jiju, do not let Jigyasa Didi hear you say that… She will give you a royal beating.”

“It is true yaar… I do not know how I will make it through these next few weeks without you,” he continues, realizing she does quite a deal for him and the rest of the family members. Bani’s absence will surely affect their family.

Before Bani can answer to this, to ease off his worry, she hears her husband’s brisk, baritone voice approach them.

“Where is she going? She is here only… ,” he intervenes, having caught the last bit of their conversation, coming into view freshly dressed in a gray silk shirt paired with black trousers. On hearing the lazy drawl of his voice, Bani realizes that she has forgotten something. Suddenly she appears to seem anxious, biting on her lower lip softly. She casts curt looks between Aditya and Jai.

“Ah, I wish my friend… Your wife has cast such magic over our family that we cannot stand to be separated from her for a moment…. three weeks is out of the question…”

Jai becomes visibly puzzled from his friend’s expressed words. He gives him a rather dark look, most likely annoyed that Aditya does not simply come out and say what he wants, instead, choosing to beat around the bush as always.

“What are you talking about Aditya?”

Bani fidgets uncomfortably in her place, determinedly keeping her gaze away from her husband.

“Well about Bani leaving, of course…. What else? I am getting depressed over the simple thought of it… Do not know how I will feel when she actually leaves us …”

“Leave? Leaving where?...” Jai retorts, stumped. His gaze locates Bani, who becomes skittish under his intense stare.

“Jai yaar, come on… Mount Abu, where else? She will be there with her family till the wedding… Have you forgotten?” he pokes, giving a friendly pat on his back.

Bani watches how her husband’s face becomes slightly rigid as a reaction from what he hears. She feels immediately guilty, realizing her blunder of not informing him of the plan made quite some time ago. It had slipped her mind among all the engagement preparations she was tasked to complete.

“I guess I did…,” is all that Jai manages to say before lapsing into a brooding silence. Aditya laughs endearingly at him.

“I can hardly imagine your state when your wife leaves you for so long… How will you manage, Jai?” he quips lightheartedly. Jai simply looks to Bani, whose face burns from guilt. Aditya, unaware of the sudden tension brewing between husband and wife, takes note of the time from his watch.

“Chalo, I should leave now before I run late for work… Hopefully Bani with your prayers, we will get the deal…,” he says to her amicably just before pecking her affectionately on the cheek and disappearing from sight.

Bani looks to Jai fretfully, unsure of exactly what he is thinking this moment. However, judging by the look on his face, she knows he has not taken the news well for which she cannot blame him. She musters the courage to explain herself.

“… I had meant to tell you… but with the engagement, I lost all track of mind,” she offers meekly, observing him carefully. Jai simply nods his head, yet she knows him too well to accept the indifference he chooses to show her.

“When are you leaving?” he asks abruptly.

“… Tomorrow morning…,” she answers softly, her spirits dampening.


She slowly nods her head in agreement, indicating that their son would be going with her as well. He grows silent again, nerving her, till he speaks up in a gruff tone.

“I’ll be coming home late so don’t stay up for me…. You will need your rest if you are planning on leaving early,” he comments dryly. Bani does nothing but stand miserably in her place… He does not give her another glance when stalking off toward the front doors. She watches his retreating back, feeling rebuked by his departure….

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bani set to completing last minute tasks such as finishing packing her and Yash’s luggage for their long stay at her parents’ home. Nishikant and Kiran had requested that Bani return with them along with Rano till the wedding approached. She hadn’t paid them a visit since her marriage and expressed their desire to spend more time with their daughter as well as have help in the preparations. Since her month long holidays from university had begun, Bani found that this would be the opportune time to visit her old home in Mount Abu and to assist her parents with the wedding, sidelining herself as the bride’s side. After Krishna and Jigyasa both reassured her that they’d manage fine without her and for her to join her parents, Bani felt more at ease with the idea. And seeing how much happiness it gave to both Nishikant and Kiran, she found she could not refuse their request.

In all the midst of the festivities and excitement of visiting Mount Abu, it had surprisingly slipped her mind to inform her husband whom she assumed to believe knew about the plans along with everyone else. She sulked throughout the rest of the day from the thought of her husband being upset by her—having to learn that his own wife and child were leaving for so long from someone besides herself, that too, a day prior.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jai returned home well past midnight after suffering a bad day at the hospital. He was extremely upset with his wife for not disclosing such important news to him. It deeply unsettled him that she as well as Yash would be absent for the following weeks till the upcoming wedding. He did not see reason in her going, that too, for so long. He knew it was a selfish want for her to remain here, but did not care. She is his wife, he argued to himself. She should remain with him and their family for the wedding since she belongs to the groom’s side rightfully over the bride’s. He was stubborn with his reasoning, not relenting to why Bani would want to leave and go off to Mount Abu. He would not explore his feelings further as to the real reason why he did not want her to go….

He is not surprised to find his wife in the living room waiting on him, despite him telling her not to do so. She becomes aware of his approaching presence, rising from the lush sofa chair in which she waited. Her honey eyes gaze silently at him with an unspoken apology, which he ignores to acknowledge.

“…I could not sleep without knowing you came home safe…,” she justifies, knowing that he told her previously to not bother waiting on his return. He gives her a blank stare. 

“…. I will just go and warm you some food,” she offers when hearing no response from him. Just as she turns to do just that, his rumbling voice prevents her from doing so.

“I’m not hungry… you don’t have to bother. Get some sleep, you’re leaving tomorrow…,” he advises. Even though he speaks these words without any malice, Bani cannot help but be stung anyway. 

“Where are you going?” she hesitantly calls after him when witnessing his departing figure.

“… The Study,” he answers dismissingly. She watches him leave in the direction of the Study, experiencing all sorts of rejection at once…

When in the solitude of his personal room, Jai ponders over his behavior with his wife.  He knew he was being unfair, but could not help but act out. He felt annoyed, frustrated, upset, and confused to the various of emotions consuming him. He could not understand for the life of him why he felt this way simply because Bani would be going away for some time to stay with her parents. It was not as if she would be going away forever. However, the mere thought of not having Bani around, something he has taken for granted since their marriage, unsettled him. And to make things worse, Yash is going away too.

Why does she have this need to go? Why can’t she stay put, he thought bitterly to himself whilst reviewing over some case files for the next day, rather unsuccessfully since his mind’s focus was solely on Bani.

Sometime into his quiet brooding, he hears a knock on the study door…. Absentmindedly he gives permission to come in.

Bani finds him standing idly by his mahogany colored desk, staring down into files with a deep furrow on his face. He does not look at her, in fact, his concentration seems to become even more focused to the papers in his hands. She can tell from his body language that he is distressed, especially since he is not lounged in his chair like he usually is.

“.. What happened, Bani? You did not go to sleep?” he poses to her when hearing nothing from her side. After a long stilling pause without any response to his question, Jai reluctantly lowers down the files and glances to his side to properly acknowledge her presence. However, he does not find her standing by the doorway…

He is startled when a pair of dainty arms slides around his torso from behind and the feel of his back pressed against the contours of a body. He takes a second to realize that Bani rests her face against the back of his broad shoulder, her arms settled in a secure embrace lingering by his waist as she is quite short compared to his towering figure. Jai barely hears her next muffled words…

“… What can I do for you to not be so upset with me?”

Against his stubborn resolve to remain angry with his wife, Jai feels his offense wearing down a notch… He relaxes a little in her embrace, his features softening from its previous rigidness. He, however, does not turn to look at her.

“Who says that I am upset?” he attempts to challenge, not wanting to admit anything to her.

“…. You have not spoken to me properly all day….,” she points out softly as a defense.  

“That does not mean that I am upset…,” he mildly argues, not knowing why he wishes to ensue an argument with her. But then again, with Bani he can never seem to have a control over himself… his conflicting emotions ruling over instead.

“…. You hardly look at me…”

“Why should I look at you?” he rebuttals, his stubbornness reaching new heights.

“….. You did not have dinner…,” she proceeds quietly…. her small hands brushing against the material of his shirt.

“I am not hungry….”

“You will let me leave here tomorrow being angry with me?...”

For this he has no answer, slipping into a mutinous silence. Bani risks looking over his shoulder and observing his features, which he schools into appearing composed and cool whereas she knows better… if his stiff body posture was anything to go by. She gingerly places her cheek back onto his shoulder blade, her embrace still secure around him… she presses herself into his side.

“…. Mama and Papa requested that I come with them to help with the wedding preparations… How could I refuse? It is just the two of them there whereas we are a whole family over here… I meant to tell you earlier, but with all the work that had to be done for the engagement, it slipped my mind… the plan went on ahead to become final when Mummyji gave permission …,” she begins in explaining, wanting him to know how truly sorry she is for having upset him in this manner. … not wanting to leave with him angry at her. ..wanting to appease him in whatever manner.

“… And what about my permission?... Isn’t that more important?” he jibes lightly, his one hand moving to extract her arms from his waist, finding it increasingly difficult to remain angry at her when all he wants to do is cave and just hold her. He turns around, facing her directly, looking into her shimmering brown eyes. He leans into the back of his desk, staring at her…. his hand still clasped around her wrist lingeringly.

Bani appears to be stricken by his words and her brown eyes widen.

“…. If you do not want me to go, I will explain to my parents somehow… They will understand… I will tell them that the family needs me here,” she offers considerately, causing Jai to grimace openly at her.

Rather than being pleased about things going his way, he feels guilt trickling inside of him…especially with how easily Bani conceded to his stubborn demand. He felt childish and slightly ashamed of himself for being so selfish. Here he is, behaving as an arrogant husband wanting his way, when all his wife wants to do is go away for some time to spend with her family… a family he had kept her from for the past two and a half years. He had realized from the arrival of her parents that he should have taken Bani himself to visit Mount Abu…. It was unfair of him to have kept her in Mumbai all this time without seeing them once since their marriage.

Jai sighs resignedly when realizing he is always going to cave into her no matter what. He does not have it in him to refuse anything to her… even if it means living without her for the next few weeks. He pulls on her wrist gently, drawing her close….

“… No. Go. You should be able to be with your parents if you want to. Who am I to stop you?” he surrenders. Bani follows the pull of his hand to come close to him, standing a mere inch away. Her entrancing wide eyes gaze up at him. She places a hand to his chest, peering at him with her own formed stubbornness.

“You are my husband… I will not go if you do not want me to,” she persists fervently. He feels a swelling of emotion in his chest at that particular moment and the sudden urge to laugh at her proclaimed words. It’s just his luck that he’d be married to a woman who is equally stubborn as him in every measure. No wonder they are loggerheads whenever an issue creeps up. Though, he looks to her tenderly when realizing that this is the first his wife has gone out of her way to appease him rather than it being the other way around, which it mostly is. He takes a hold of her chin with his fingers, his thumb tracing her jawline…overcome with affection for her.

“I want you to go…. It is just a matter of three weeks after all… ,” he says more to convince himself rather than her.

“… You are sure?” she seeks for confirmation, wanting to make absolutely for sure he is alright with the idea of her leaving. He nods in agreement.

“I will manage. I’ll just make Tony into my temporary wife while you’re gone… I am sure he will make a better one in fact. I won’t have to wake up in the mornings to find that my favorite shirt has been burnt from one of your attempts of ironing it,” he quips, letting the humor of his words wash over the previous tension between them…making light of the situation.

He chuckles endearingly at her when she scrunches up her nose seconds before beating a fist onto his chest.

“I told you, na… I mistakenly put the iron on the wrong setting… It won’t happen again,” she defends herself ardently, furthering Jai’s broad grin.

“If you are always going to complain about every little thing I do, then I should go ahead and let you marry Tony instead… since he fits your description of an ideal wife,” she rubs in, sulking. He laughs musingly at her, his fingers now trailing up into her silky tresses…. unable to keep his hands away….discovering with each passing day that his need to touch her grows….

“It would be a scandalous affair … We’d have to run away and elope. You could be our witness…give us your blessings,” he jokes humorously.

She nudges him in his ribs, laughing and turning red by the absurdity of it all. He joins in on her infectious laughter….continuing to run his fingers fondly through her long hair… any stubborn resentment held against her completely gone… He shouldn’t be surprised by this, though. He has never really been able to get angry at Bani and continue to be so.
“Do me a last wifely favor before that happens though…,” he proceeds, staring at her intently all of a sudden. She blushes scarlet by his direct gaze on her, wondering what he has in mind for him to become so serious. Her heart begins to pace… her face growing warmer by how he tenderly touches her…playing with her tresses.

“.. What?” she breathes, anxious to hear what he has to say. He slowly grins rather boyishly at her, his dark eyes slightly creasing from the sides.

“Make me some dinner, please… I am starving… did not even have lunch either today,” he confesses. Immediately, his wife’s colored face pales and she rounds on him.

“Jai-Jai you! You—Aap bhi nah!” she exclaims, not having any words to share about how exasperated she was currently by her husband.

In the midst of Bani fretting over him, feeding him many leftovers from their family’s dinner, Jai watched her, not taking his eyes off her for a moment, wondering what he would do without her for these following weeks….
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I want to apologize for the short and horrible writing I'm about to present to you all. I'm extremely dissatisfied with the update, I wanted to write it better but it did not turn out the way I wanted. So please accept my apologies. It was all I could write in a short amount of time. I wanted to give you all an update before I had to go away again for my final exams that are coming up real soon. Please let me know what you think, you can leave either positive or negative comments. I am open to criticism. 

Chapter 22 B:

Bani looks on affectionately at the sight of her husband and son together; Yash clinging onto his father, upheld in his arms. Jai ruffles his hair and speaks to him in a low murmur, the two conversing in their last moments till the departure of the train. She smiles sadly to herself, realizing that this would be the first time that she and Yash would be going away from the family. As much as she wanted to stay, she also wished to go back to her home town with her parents. Mount Abu felt like a mere distant memory now.  She did not want to forget it altogether. But on the other hand, she did not want to leave Jai either.

Her gaze glides over to her husband’s face. As if reading her thoughts, his gray eyes look up and lock with hers.

“Bani, come. Let us find ourselves seats,” her mother advises, drawing her attention. Bani smiles lightly at Kiran, nodding her head obediently. She follows after her mother, directing a brief glance over her shoulder to see Jai assist Nishikant and Rano with the luggage onto the train.

It was a depressing departure from the Walia Mansion, Bani having realized how much she would miss her family, never having been parted from them till now. Her family members felt the same, each expressing their sorrow on seeing her leave, particularly the youngsters. Ranveer, Saahil, and Anu refused to let her leave till Krishna angrily warned them off. Aditya was particularly upset when Jai last minute interrupted on his plans of dropping Bani and her family at the train station.

All of a sudden he has time now….,” Aditya sulked openly, referring to Jai’s sudden pronouncement of wanting to take the Dixits himself instead of going straight to work. Jai glared while Bani attempted to console her brother-in-law.

“This compartment is free, let’s sit here…,” Kiran announces to her, directing her over to the open section. Bani joins her mother in setting their bags down, claiming the compartment for themselves in the unisex train.

“Bani you stay here, I will just go and tell your father to get us food at the nearby stalls for the journey…,” her mother informs just before leaving Bani alone in the compartment. She distantly hears her mother speak to her father from the platform. She sets in placing the bags onto the high shelf above the seats, stepping onto her tiptoes in order to do so. She misses seeing her husband and son enter the compartment, Jai lifting a few bags in his hands.

“Bani, careful,” he calls to her, drawing her attention onto him. He joins her side, taking the bags and situating them properly onto the shelf for her. He gives her an admonishing look.

“Till your wrist isn’t healed, you should not be doing any heavy lifting,” he speaks in an authoritative voice.

Bani opens her mouth in order to protest but last minute decides against it. As it is, Jai is already not too happy with her since learning this morning that they would be getting to Mount Abu via train rather than the airplane as he expected.

She watches him lift the other luggage as well onto the shelf, making sure that they stay in place and not move around during the long journey. Yash stands by his mother, holding onto her pallu.

“Rano?” she questions him, not seeing her sister present.

“She is with your parents getting food,” he answers after lifting the last of the bags. He takes the chance to then observe their surroundings, gazing at the rough looking compartment with rust marks and grime. He openly grimaces to himself, his jaw set in a stubborn lock. Looking at her husband, she knows exactly what he is thinking. Coming from a privileged background with easily accessible luxuries, he has never had to commute via train in his life. He found it below his standards, as well as his family’s, something he made more than clear to her this morning. Even though she found his complaint endearing, not wanting his wife and child to travel in such conditions, she downplayed his concern after stating she used to travel by train routinely. Her statement, however, did nothing to appease him.

He mutters something underneath his breath while withdrawing a handkerchief from his pant pocket. She watches as he lays it out onto one of the seats, spreading it out to cover it.

“Jai, what are you doing?” she inquires, puzzled.

“It is filthy in here… Sit down on the handkerchief. Put Yash on your lap as well… Who knows what people have been in here, doing what,” he grumbles, shaking his head in disbelief of the conditions of the train.

She refrains from laughing at him, finding him highly adorable as his concern reaches new heights. However, she feels a warmth sweep into the pit of her stomach, touched by his actions.

“Jai, we will be just fine,” she attempts in reassuring but to no success. Jai scoffs at this whereas Bani becomes simply amused by his behavior. His steel eyes land onto her. He opens his mouth to speak, but is cut off when Rano enters the compartment, joining them.

“Di, look at these snacks! Papa has bought quite enough for the journey from the nearby vendor… So we do not have to worry. There is plenty for Yash to eat in case he gets hungry,” she says with a kind smile, presenting the snacks to her sister wrapped carelessly in a towel napkin. As Bani lifts her hand, reaching for it, Jai intervenes hastily.

“That’s alright Rano, Bani has some food packed for herself… whenever she or Yash get hungry, they will eat it,” he states firmly. While Rano is slightly taken aback by this, Bani shoots her husband a mixed look between annoyance and exasperation—knowing that along with the train station, he does not approve of the food either. Rano then simply smiles understandingly before sitting down onto one of the seats, munching on her food rather contently.  

“You are impossible,” Bani jibes in a hushed tone, causing Jai to throw her a look in return. 

Less than a moment later, Nishikant and Kiran appear with their own snacks in hand.

“Chal, now we are quite settled I believe… The conductor has also given the sign that the train will leave in a couple of minutes,” Nishikant announces standing by his son-in-law.

“I will take your leave then, Papa…,” Jai speaks up, knowing it is time for him to depart. He reaches down to take blessings from Nishikant, who gives them willingly.

“We will see you soon, son… Till then, take care of yourself,” Nishikant advises fondly. Jai bends down to retrieve Kiran’s blessings as well, touching her feet.

“Jeete raho, beta… Aapna khyaal rakhna,” she too wishes affectionately. Jai gives her a polite smile, returning the wish. He greets his sister-in-law who greets him back in her normal demure manner when around him. He then turns and meets his wife’s doe-like eyes. Yash takes his father’s hand, drawing his attention away from his mother.

“Papa, you no come with us?” he asks in his little voice, now having caught on that his father would not join them on the journey. Jai places a hand onto his head, ruffling his son’s hair.

“No I am not, beta. But don’t worry, you have your mother, Mausi, and Nana and Nani. You will have a lot of fun. Then when you come home, I will take you out somewhere.. just you and me,” he says with a light grin, wanting his son to be alright with the situation. 

Yash’s face falls, his eyes tearing and he latches onto his father’s hand tighter. He shakes his head while speaking quite weepily, “No… Papa come.”


“Papa, pweeeaaazzee,” he insists stubbornly, now fat tears building fast in his eyes, getting close to a tantrum. Jai’s loses his grin, now looking concernedly at his son, wondering how to soothe him. He looks to Bani, who also shares the same look of concern.

“Yash, don’t worry… We will see Papa when we come back,” Bani steps in, wanting to appease her now crying son.

“Noo…,” Yash nearly screams, now openly weeping in front of everyone. Jai looks on helplessly at his son’s crying fit.

“Yash, please understand beta,” Jai pleads to him, beginning to feel unsettled over how upset his son has become over the separation. Yash inches closer, taking a hold onto his father’s pants into his tiny fists, and gazing up at him.

“Papa, noo… pweeaazzee.”

Jai and Bani share a silent, meaningful look that everyone in the compartment interprets as the married couple wanting to have a private moment with their now crying son, seeing that he is becoming inconsolable. When Jai scoops Yash into his arms, wanting to settle him down, Kiran speaks up.

“Bani.. why don’t you walk Jai beta outside with Yash… We still have some time,” she suggests, allowing the small family to have their time together before the departure. Bani nods her head, knowing what her mother is implying. She looks to her husband, who holds their weeping child and gives a simple nod of his head directing to outside of the compartment. She follows after his retreating form into the aisle leading to one of the many entrances. They stand in a secluded spot where they do not attract much attention.

“Yashu, what is this? Why are you crying so much beta? We will see Papa again,” Bani tries to reason with him, wiping his tears away lovingly while he is still upheld in his father’s arms. 

Again Yash shakes his head stubbornly.

“No,” he protests, throwing his stubby arms around Jai’s neck. Jai places a comforting hand onto his back, rubbing it.

“Beta, look… you will come back soon, I promise… You have Momma too. Why are you so upset?”

“Why you no come?” Yash questions sadly, dabbing his eye with one of his hands.

“Kya karu beta? Your mother wants to take you and leave me… What is my fault in this?” Jai jokes with a poker look, trying to make light of the situation and find humor in it, even though he personally is not too happy about their departure either. Bani hits him on his arm, sending him a mean glare.

“Jai…,” she admonishes.

“What? You are taking my son and leaving, aren’t you?” he quips back, making his wife frown at him. Yash’s sniffles grow louder, in the process wetting his father’s shirt collar.

“Yash, enough now… Say bye to Papa. He has to go to work and we have to leave. Now be a good boy and listen to Mama,” Bani says sternly to her son, the very rare few times that she is. Jai pats his son’s hair gently.

“Now do what Mama says… I promise to take you out when you come back and get you lots of chocolates. You want chocolates, right?” Jai bribes, knowing his son’s number one weakness. Yash slowly lifts his head off his father’s shoulder and stares at him wide-eyed.

“…. I wanna chokolat…,” Yash whimpers, falling for the bait.

“Then be a big boy and go with your mother…”

“….Papa, you pwomish?”

“Hain baba, I promise,” Jai confirms, his lips tugging up into a small smile from how easily he caved. Yash now wipes away his own tears, seemingly in a better mood.

“Now will you stop crying?” Bani chimes in, looking at her son intently. Yash gradually nods his head obediently. This causes Jai to openly laugh and Bani to even smile despite the hassle. He draws his son close, kissing him affectionately on the forehead.

“Have a safe trip. Do whatever Mama tells you. Don’t give her a hard time. And behave, okay?”

“Okay…,” Yash answers quietly. Just then the train whistle blows loudly for everyone to hear, signaling the departure from the station. People around them rustle around to get to their places. Jai and Bani look at one another, knowing that this will be the last they see of each other till some time.

Looking at his wife, Jai finds himself wanting to say so much to her at that moment yet unable to fathom a single word to express any of it. Bani stares back at him quietly, not knowing what to say herself. They have never been separated in this manner, with the exception of Jai’s short trips abroad once in a while. Each fidgets a little in their place, struggling to muster a few words.

“Woh…,” together they say in unison.



They halt and lock eyes. When an amused grin tugs on the corners of Jai’s lips, Bani cracks a small nervous smile. Each are startled when the train moves roughly, unexpectedly shaking them as it progresses slowly along the tracks. Again the train’s whistle blows as it sets on leaving the station.

“I’ll—I’ll see you when you get back… Have a safe trip,” Jai speaks throatily after having cleared his throat.

“Take care of yourself,” she advises concernedly when it dawns on her that the time to depart has actually come, she will not see her husband in the following few weeks. Jai simply smiles at her.

“You too…”

She smiles in return. Holding Yash securely in her arms, she flashes him a final look, silently bidding him farewell before making a movement to return to her compartment. Jai follows suit, turning to exit the moving train before it leaves the station, till he turns back around and latches onto the wrist of his retreating wife’s figure. Taken aback, Bani looks behind her and meets his probing eyes questioningly.

“… You will call once you reach there,.. won’t you?” he questions hurriedly. With his other hand, he ruffles through his thick hair, seeming rather anxious all of a sudden. “..Err… Ma will not sit in peace unless you do,” he adds as an afterthought.

Bani looks at his mildly distressed state and withholds the urge to laugh at him. Instead, she turns pink in the face, knowing what lies behind those words of his. She nods gingerly at him.

“Yes, I will make sure to,” she says sweetly, smiling endearingly at him. Her face turns a darker shade of pink when his hand slides down from her wrist to clasp onto her hand. He gives it a tight squeeze. His gray eyes bore directly into hers.

“See you soon…”

Bani watches as he slowly releases her hand, pats Yash’s head fondly and throws a last look over his shoulder before stepping off the slowly moving train and landing safely onto the platform. She murmurs to her son to wave to his father, who soon enough becomes swarmed into the crowd on the platform. Bani’s last sight of her husband was of him waving back at them….

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I will be MIA again for a couple of weeks in order to study for my exams, but will return with a long break in which I can hopefully update the story regularly. Till then, please bear with me. 

Hi guys, it's been a very, very, VERY long time since I've done anything for Incomplete Life! I am incredibly sorry! It was not intentional at all--I've just had a crazy year that kept me busy throughout. And though I'm getting even busier, I'm going to try my very best to update more frequently whenever I have the chance. New Year Resolution is to not keep you guys waiting ages and ages for a single update of mine. Well, I am 3/4 done with Chapter 23 for Incomplete Life--in the meantime, I am posting a little preview for it on here till I finish it up within a week or so. For those readers that have loyally stood by, I know I've tested your patience enough, but please bear with me for a little bit more. And my other readers that perhaps have left this blog, I am sincerely apologetic for having disappointed you in whatever way that I have. Anyway, here it is! 

“Hey yaar, was wondering whether you had lunch yet,” Rohit quips from the doorway with his usual broad smile. Jai places his phone back down, his irritation provoked more.

“You can forget it Rohit. Bani hasn’t sent me any lunch today. She is away at her parents’ for the next few weeks till the wedding,” Jai nearly barks, knowing the reason why Rohit always stops by his office near lunchtime.

“I know, that’s why I was proposing we go out to that restaurant that just opened nearby. I heard their food is fantastic!” he offers eagerly, at his food-fanatic best.

“I don’t have the time to make a trip outside the---…,” Jai halts in his words, though, when recalling his friend’s earlier words. He then narrows his gaze at him suspiciously.

 “What do you mean, you know? I didn’t even know she was leaving till the day before,” he lightly accuses. He lifts a brow when Rohit seems slightly taken aback by his demanding question.

“Well she mentioned it a week or so ago…said she wouldn’t be able to bring me in food for quite a while in those little cute notes she writes with lunch, you know? I spoke to her about it the other night as well at Ranveer’s engagement, so I remembered today. And the place isn’t too far out, we can make it back to the hospital on time. They have been getting particularly good reviews for their appetizers that I want to try out,” Rohit continues jovially on the thought of food. He, however, is more than confused when witnessing the clear change on Jai’s face, watching it form into hard, harsh lines with anger sprouting in his dark eyes.

“Get out, Rohit. Now,” he steely commands. Rohit appears stupefied, not knowing what he possibly has done to anger him.

“Arre, yeh kya baath hai? Accha baba, we can skip the appetizers and go straight to the entrees if you want, I have no complaints,” he shrugs defensively.

“Rohit, out!” Jai bellows, alarming Rohit by his quickly flaring temper that has erupted out of nowhere. He gives him a wide-eyed look before complying and walking out of the doorway.

“Fine, no appetizers for you then… I will take Mahesh instead,” he haughtily remarks, neglecting to see the darkening look on Jai’s face, and shuts the door after himself. Jai expels a hefty sigh whilst combing his fingers through his dark locks of hair. His attention shifts back to his cell phone lying idly on his desk top. He scowls.  

“… She tells every Tom, Dick, and Harry that she is leaving, but me…,” he grumbles to himself, taking his phone and stashing it into his drawer. He rises from his chair and heads out of his office, deciding on busying himself with some pre-op preparations. 


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